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Profil GBRacing

Company profile of GBRacing

GBRacing offer a one-stop service for the in-house design, development, prototype and production of race spec parts in the UK. Their expertise and leading 3D CAD software allows GBRacing to create original design concepts utilising the most advanced Engineering Materials and injection moulding plant available today. Working in close collaboration with race teams, GBRacing is developing the next generation of race products from initial concept, 3D design, prototyping, tooling and manufacturing through to final testing. The Core Product Range are Secondary Engine Covers. These unique products enhance the bikes appearance, at the same time as adding additional protection to the engine casings that are likely to come into contact with the ground. This greatly reduces the chance of leaking oil through damage.

They also manufacture Frame Sliders / Crash Mushrooms, Paddock Stand Bobbins and Lower Chain Guards.


GBRacing - Secondary Engine Covers

Approved by the MCRCB, FFM & Other Countries WorldwideRaced at BSB, World SBK, and many other Championships Worldwide.

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GBRacing Secondary Engine Covers are manufactured from our High Impact, Reduced wear, Injection Moulded 60% LONG GLASS fibre nylon 6.6 Engineering materials. Extensive research, testing and development has allowed GBRacing to create a unique High Quality product range. This process offers greater design flexibility, allowing greatly reduced costs, compared to similar Carbon fibre / Kevlar & Billet Aluminum covers. All GBRacing products bolt directly over the existing stock covers, simplifying assembly, negating the need for awkward and difficult to remove adhesives. As an injection moulded process GBRacing is able to design optimum aesthetics, enhancing the overall look of the engine covers and the bike. GBRacing not only manufactures Secondary Engine Covers for Stock covers, they also manufacture some Secondary Engine Covers for the factory Kit covers, normally used on Superbikes.

GBRacing - Frame Sliders / Crash Mushrooms

GBRacing Frame Sliders are considerably different to today’s existing frame protectors/crash mushrooms.

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They only manufactured from high quality injection moulded engineering materials, chosen for its tremendous impact resistance. The majority of our competitors frame sliders are manufactured from extruded materials, such as Delrin, Nylon etc. These materials are then CNC machined into various shapes. The choice of materials used may indeed be correct for their machining qualities, but not necessarily the best for the application.

As an injection moulded process, our frame sliders are designed with variable wall sections, and distortion joints. They have an internal, Steel plated tube structure, where the fixing bolt passes through. This enables the 2 part moulding to be joined together, without the rigidity of a solid construction. These design features ultimately allow greater impact absorbtion and distortion within the moulded structure itself. Having an overall effect of reducing the impact forces transmitted to the engine mounting points. GBRacing uses high quality Stainless Steel A2 or Titanium alloy Ti 6AL-V4 bolts throughout the range. Strength and malleability are paramount in choosing these grades. GBRacing frame sliders are generally 25% shorter in length than most other similar products. By listening to many top Superbike teams, longer frame sliders are more likely to increase leverage forces on impact, and in some circumstances may well increase the chances of the bike flipping.

GBRacing - Bullet Sliders

Having listened to customers and teams, GBracing found that no one slider could satisfy both their needs. So they developed 2 versions, the 'Street Bullet Slider ' and 'Race Bullet Slider'.


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They have been developed and tested for their strength, effectiveness and durability on Race bikes in the British Superbike and Supersport Championship throughout the 2011 season, with excellent results. The Street version helps to protect the fairing from damage during minor slides by protruding from the fairing. Where as the Race version concentrates on helping to protect the frame as well as costly exposed parts on the bike, whilst minimising the risk of 'Flipping' the bike due to gripping, by being almost parallel or inside the fairing. Both sliders work as another point of contact, along with the GBRacing engine case covers, to minimise damage in the event of a crash. They have been engineered with the highest level of care and attention to detail, designed to dissipate force in their structure and to bend under heavy forces rather than transferring these potential forces through the bike. The aluminium tubular design absorbs the impact and distortion and the fixing bolt cap head is always 5mm from the stock mounting position, greatly minimising unnecessary leverage.

-  Designed to minimise damage in a crash and save money
-  They bend under heavy loads and minimise bike flip
-  Just replace the moulded bullet after most crashes - reducing the cost of repairs
-  Race proven in BSB and BSS
-  Race Bullets for race bikes
-  Street Bullets for road bikes (increased fairing protection)
-  Works with GBRacing engine case covers for maximum protection
-  Registered Design Number: 4018779

GBRacing - Paddock Stand / Bobbins

The Injection moulded Paddock stand bobbins are designed to double up as a rear protection sliders, reducing damage to the wheel nut area, and paddock stand lifting points. Several A2 Stainless Steel Thread sizes are available.

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They are manufactured from the High Impact, Reduced wear, Injection Moulded 60% LONG GLASS fibre nylon 6.6 Engineering materials.

GBRacing - Lower Chain Guards

Bolt on Lower Chain Guards manufactured from the High Impact, Injection Moulded 60% LONG GLASS fibre nylon 6.6 Engineering materials.


Injection Moulding - Engineering Materials

GBRacing recommends using LONG GLASS fibre nylon 6.6 based materials across its range of products. After processing the Long glass fibres are 10-20 times greater in length than conventional short glass fibres, providing:

  • Greater than 100% improved impact resistance at any temperature, plus high stiffness; Outstanding fatigue performance; Low warpage and good dimensional stability.
  • The long fibres absorb more energy before and after fracture initiates. Fracture crack lines are forced around the fibre ends, resulting in a limited fracture area. Injection moulded products offer additional built in strength and flexibility compared to conventional machined plastics.
  • Not only are the Long Glass Nylon 6.6 compounds used for exceptional impact resistance but are tailored to satisfy the need for light but durable die-cast metal replacement materials.
  • They offer an extremely cost-effective alternative to Carbon fibre products.


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